Support of criminal proceedings

Support of criminal proceedings

Initiation of criminal cases is a common way of putting pressure on businesses and raiding. That is why it is very important to know an experienced and reliable criminal lawyer. Irrespective of your procedural status, the sooner your lawyer comes to you, if necessary, the better for you and for the favorable outcome of the case. Occasions, where people are called in for questioning as a witness and in the course of such an interrogation their procedural status is changed to the status of a suspect are of no surprise.

Criminal prosecution may begin in the field of tax evasion or may be based on some forged facts. These days filing a criminal lawsuit against a CEO or a chief accountant of a company is not particularly difficult. Such situations often have dynamic development: a Special Forces unit arrives to the office of the company or to the residence of its owner and starts search, seizure and interrogation. Practice shows that the faster criminal lawyers come to the defendant, the more effective and successful are the outcomes of the case for him or her.

Ukrainian legislation changes rapidly and with the introduction of e-declarations new offences appeared in the Criminal Code of Ukraine, particularly Article 366-1 “Declaration of False Information” and Article 368-2 “Illegal enrichment.” GENTLS law firm lawyers are always ready to provide qualified legal assistance to officials, who are obliged to file e-declarations according to the current legislation, in the criminal proceedings on these and other compositions.

It is important to remember that it is always better to have a signed contract with a lawyer in advance. Given the current situation in Ukraine it is also recommended to get a detailed instruction of the lawyer on your actions in case of emergency. The staff of the company should also be prepared for the unexpected actions of law enforcement agencies since people may lose control in a stressful situation and act rashly.

Criminal legislation is changing, fiscal discipline control is being enhanced, and special confiscation institute is being created which leads to the increase of the number of risks for businesses as well as for the need in the best criminal lawyers.

GENTLS lawyers have participated in defense of famous businessmen and politicians, leading business companies and supported some sophisticated criminal cases. By choosing GENTLS, you can be sure that your reputation, property and freedom will be defended by the best criminal lawyers. 

In the criminal litigation GENTLS lawyers specialize exclusively in the category of ‘white-collar crimes,’ that is crimes in economics and official activities, such as:

  • Tax evasion; 
  • Bringing to bankruptcy;
  • Money laundering;
  • Fraud;
  • Declaration of false information;
  • Illegal enrichment;
  • Misappropriation and embezzlement;
  • Abuse of office and power;
  • Forgery.

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