Disputes with authorities

Disputes with authorities

Sooner or later every business in Ukraine faces fiscal, law enforcement or regulatory authorities, inevitably entailing occurrence of disputes with structural units of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, Customs Service, Antimonopoly Committee, State Emergency Service of Ukraine and resulting in approaching lawyers for the protection of the legal rights and interests.

These days even a cautious and prudent taxpayer may become a victim of groundless claims of the fiscal authorities. Quite often tax inspectors make inspection acts, stating flimsy or questionable violations, and the heads of city and district tax inspections sign tax assessment notices (TAN) on significant additional charges which are meant to fill the budget. In this case, one should use all the administrative appeals of tax assessment notices, and if they prove useless, one should immediately seek protection in the courts.

In case the State Fiscal Service wrongfully issued a tax assessment notice, GENTLS law firm lawyers will help you to appeal it with the most positive outcome.
We will also be able to effectively help business representatives in disputes with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. The potential penalties of the AMC of Ukraine may become an unpleasant surprise for any business owner or manager. Moreover, due to their size, these penalties may jeopardize the entire business operating budget, and the company may easily lose a market share.

Preparation and study of tax and antitrust disputes usually requires a thorough lawyer’s investigation aimed at collection of evidence and study of a large array of documents, necessary for the qualitative protection. That is why such disputes require only the best judicial lawyers.

GENTLS law firm lawyers also support litigation with customs authorities, particularly those concerning the customs value, disputes with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and other regulatory authorities, whose powers include business inspection and regulatory oversight.

GENTLS law firm provides legal assistance to clients in disputes with state authorities or local self-government, successfully contesting their illegal actions and canceling their illegal decision in court.

Our lawyers have years of diverse experience in successful disputes resolution with authorities with regard to:

  • Appeals of tax authorities decisions on additional tax obligations and application of financial sanctions;
  • Appeals of decisions by state authorities and local self-government in respect of real estate;
  • Representation of clients’ interests with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in cases of violation of legislation of economic competition protection.